Our Main Services

NPO Registrations.

Facilitating swift registrations with the Department of Social Development.

Preparation and verification of constitution and clauses.

Online sibmissions with in 3 days of receipt and verification.

NPO Narrative Report.

Preparation and submission of NPO Annual Narrative Reports to the NPO Directorate.

Distingushing between a funded and a non funded npo. An NPO that has financial statement and an NPO that has none.

Submitting correct form based on NPO financial status.

NPO Tax Exemption Applicatios / PBO.

Preparation of forms for submission to the SARS Tax Exemption Unit. Ensuring that the organisation and the committee members information is correct. Ensuring that all the required supporing documents are in place prior to submission of SARS Tax Exemption Unit.

Community Projects

NPO Compliance Worskshops.

NPO Association will still conduct NPO Compliance workshops, even though support from companies is low.

The method in which the workshops are conducted entail teaming up with an NPO organisation that will host the workshop. Assoc for NPO's will conducted the workshop on the platform of the hosting organisation. WORKSHOPS HALTED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Traditional Attires South Africa. 

Arts and Heritage Project.

Traditional Attires South Africa (TASA) is a cultural project of Association for Not Profit Organisations. The project was implemented in 2012, and is popular on Social Media, Facebook Page, with over 75,000 followers.

The projects aims to display traditional garments for all nine South African nations though photography. We make use of volunteer models, (some of them are professional models) that step up to endorse this project.

In consultation with our elders, we are able to get advice on proper and original dress codes, and ensure that we do not loose track of the originality of our beautiful culture.

Since 2014, TASA has played a large role in popularising wear of traditional attires, up to the extent tha it is no longer worn on special occasions, but on regular basis.

Tingabisa / Vhakololo Tradition Young Women. 

Arts and Heritage Project.

A Project where young beautiful girls showcase the beauty of Tradition attires of all the ten South African nations.
Tingabisa/Vhakololo Traditional Beauties SA, which is aligned to Traditional Attires South Africa.


New NPO Registration

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